Vison & Mission

SriNarayana College steadfastly focuses on providing access and supporting student success and achievement. Inspired by an innovative and student-centered mindset, Sree Narayana delivers flexible courses and services that cultivate and guide diverse student populations across the globe to complete pathways leading to the attainment of associate degrees, certificates, career readiness, and transfer to their desired colleges/universities specializing in Indian Institute of Technology and all the NEET affiliated medical colleges.

Demonstrate ability to apply critical thinking and analysis.

Demonstrate ethical civic, environmental, and social responsibility.

Demonstrate information competency.

Demonstrate innovative thinking, and adaptive, creative problem-solving skills.

Demonstrate understanding and appreciation for the visual and performing arts.

Demonstrate understanding and respect for cultural and global diversity.

Use effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Use scientific and quantitative reasoning.

Train the students in such a way that they are skillful in the advanced concepts of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

We focus on student learning by preparing students to face the current world competition by providing responsive career and technical education; and by improving student’s foundational skills. We value Academic Excellence that includes academic freedom balanced with academic responsibility, integrity and ethical behavior. In the current scenario of education most of the students are deprived of the most basic like skill i.e communication skills, we provide with a vast knowledge in communication skill and language studies.